30 September 2010

Yet Another Outstanding Result!

The government charged a Fort Hood soldier with two specifications of rape, eight specifications of wrongful use of marijuana and cocaine, and four specifications of being absent without leave from his unit.  The soldier decided to retain my services after his Article 32 resulted in a recommendation that all charges go forward to a General Court-Martial.

Once retained, I began  to aggressively investigate the case.  Due to my pretrial investigation, I was able to undercut the stories of the two alleged rape victims.  After the alleged victims' stories were discredited, I successfully advanced several pretrial motions for my client.  These motions made the government's job of prosecuting the case a lot more difficult.  

As a result of my efforts, the government decided to approve a chapter separation for the soldier.  The court-martial charges were dismissed.  The client, who spent almost six months in pretrial confinement (over four months before I became involved in the case), was released from pretrial confinement.  On that day, he called me from his home to tell me that he was with his wife and kids.    


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  1. When my nephew was falsely accused of rape by two female soldiers, I quickly found out that there is "no fairness" in the military justice system. And, that it mattered not that our soldier, “my nephew” had served his Country well.

    May God be the glory! I am the aunt of the Soldier that Attorney Coombs is referring to in this post. I am grateful for Attorney Coombs' spirit of commitment, experience, fairness, and zealous representation of my nephew.

    Through prayer and directions from the Most High, I found Attorney Coombs' website by surfing the net. I gave him a call, and was shocked that he actually answered the phone himself without going through secretaries or receptionists, and waiting for days for a return phone call. That was my first spiritual clue that I was in the right place. My next spiritual clue was when David simply listened and spent quality time over the phone with me. I told him of my nephew’s situation and my desired to retain him.

    Even though the government case against my nephew should have never proceeded, and should have been dismissed as a result of the pretrial hearing, the military justice system would not allow it. After my nephew's case proceeded to general- court martial, we retained Attorney Coombs to take the case. Through his experience and aggressive defense style, God was able to use him as a vessel to get all charges dropped against my nephew.

    We knew that our Soldier was innocent from the beginning, but the military justice system is heartless, without care for the life of a soldier, and was grossly abusive to the very soldier that committed his life to protect this Country. Our soldier had gone on two tours to Iraq, but when two female fellow soldiers falsely accused him of rape, the government did not properly investigate, but instead falsely accused him, and threw him in pre-trail confinement away from his pregnant wife and family, and then levied a host of other charges against him.

    I understand that rape victims have rights, if they are truly rape victims, but not all are. Every piece of evidence in this case pointed to the fact that these women soldiers were lying, and that they were no “Rape” victims, but was using the system as a cover. Evidence further pointed to the fact that these two female soldiers were best friends, and that they had made up the false allegations against my nephew.

    If you or your solider ever find yourself in a situation in which you require representation by a "good man", and "experienced" attorney, please be sure to contact David E. Coombs. You will not be disappointed in the outcome. David will work diligently for you and your family to get the best outcome he can possibly get for you and yours.

    Regardless of the charges brought against you or your soldier, you deserve to be treated fairly by the military justice system. I would like for other families and soldiers to know that when trouble come; all is not lost no matter how hopeless it may seem. In Attorney David E. Coombs, God used him as a vessel to help my nephew, and He will do the same for you and yours.


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