23 December 2010

Manning's Holiday Statement

"I greatly appreciate everyone's support and well wishes during this time.  I am also thankful for everything that has been done to aid in my defense.  I ask that everyone takes the time to remember those who are separated from their loved ones at this time due to deployment and important missions.   Specifically, I am thinking of those that I deployed with and have not seen for the last seven months, and of the staff here at the Quantico Confinement Facility who will be spending their Christmas without their family."


  1. Dear Brad and David

    One of the things I'm grateful for this season is the opportunity to watch the circle of Brad's supporters enlarge and to be part of that circle.

    We're not going away. Thank you for the updates and my best to both of you,

    Your friend in San Francisco.

  2. It's good to hear you know how much and how many people are supporting you. Hoping 2011 will bring some resolution to your case and freedom to you.

  3. The US appears to be the 21st centuries modern day version of Hitler's Nazi's

  4. Be Strong...know that many people support you and thank you for revealing the truth of what is happening and needs to be known.
    Freedom in 2011.

  5. Thank you for communicating this. Please let him know we are thinking of him daily and hoping for the best for him.

  6. Bradley you are my hero for 2010. from India

  7. Bless you Brad. Please know they can confine your body for the time being, but never your spirit.

    You can travel the heavenly realms just by visualizing, and so I know it is possible that all of us can meet and celebrate at this holy time in a realm of beauty and light.

    Cheers to you and everyone.

    We are all One,
    When One is harmed all are harmed
    When One is helped all are helped
    Therefore in the name of Who I Am
    And I Am One with all there Is
    I ask only that the highest good of all concerned happen and give thanks that this is done.

    So Be It!!!

    Thank you for everything.


  8. The torture against Bradley Manning breaks my heart. The United States is now trying to kill people (Manning and Assange) who reveal murder and torture committed by the United States and other so called democracies. This is truly the end of democracy and the dawn of a reign of terror in the Western world.

  9. Brad,

    We'll be supporting you untill the end..
    Your case will be world-wide news in 2011, which will lead to your freedom.

    Best wishes.

  10. It'll all turn out okay, you'll see. Bless you and be well!

  11. Dear Soldier,

    Keep your hope up & your head high. Write roles for heroes to help you out of this circumstance. There are good people in this world, and when we give others the chance to be at their best, they may just do so. I am in the dark about many of your personal struggles & have only my own experiences to speak from. Warm wishes, and a spark for true freedom. Peace be with you.

    Jennifer Mary McKendrick

  12. Dear David,

    many thanks for passing on the message from Brad.

    Season's greetings from Munich, Germany.


  13. Dear Bradley..........from all the way down here in snowy Germany I wish you a Merry Christmas and I will be thinking of you tonight, when my family and I are celebrating German Christmas. You are such a brave and tough young man, I admire you for what you did and still do. Don't let them get you down, as you are a symbol for the whole free world, thank you so much, Brad.......all my love from Frankfurt, Germany......Conny and family.........we will not stop, supporting you xoxoxo

  14. I am not going away. I feel deeply in my heart that this young man does not deserve what is happening to him.

  15. Bradley, we are thinking of you from the UK. This is criminal behaviour by the US government. They are the biggest threat to peace and freedom of speech as we know it today and must be stopped. The people need to rise up and fight against it.

  16. The brave and noble actions of Bradley are a source of inspiration. However, what ought to be a time of peace and joy, namely Christmas, is marred by stories of Bradley's treatment. Please let him know we will work for his freedom and exculpation. He does not deserve this and we will not allow it.

  17. Thank you, Bradley, for this message, which shows your generosity of spirit. I pray for your release.

  18. Hello,
    If Mr. Manning has Clauswitz and Sun-Tzu on his reading list, then he might be interested in the book entitled Kautilya: The Arthashastra, editor L.N. Rangarajan, 1992, Penguin Classics, paperback, 819 pages, index.
    The Arthashastra is a classic manual on political economy and statecraft for empire, originally written for the subcontinent of India but generalizable to the whole world.
    Page 636, Part XI Defense and War, Chapter XI.i "Kautilya On War".
    The following is a link to the Penguin edition:
    Best wishes

  19. Merry Christmas Bradley Manning and Julian Assange
    Julian Assange and Bradley Manning are the godsend blessings to mankind. These two people will be rememberd in history as the most important pathfinders for the good of mankind since the prophets Jesus and Muhammed. If they kill Bradley and Julian they will kill the whole of humankind. Julian and Bradley has arrived to save us all from ending the world in evil rage and madness.

  20. I will put up my Christmas tree (PEACE Tree) when Bradley Manning & Julian Assange are both FREE & CLEARED for any wrong doing.

    I will believe in FREEDOM when the USA is put on trial and held accountable for their wrong doings.

    My heart goes out to both these brave hero's for helping to TRY and keep Freedom alive in the world. I would be willing to trade places with Bradley for Christmas Day, so he could share it with his family and friends.

  21. my thoughts are with you Bradley. You have brought people from many parts of the world together in standing up for what is right. thanks from Cambridge UK

  22. David Coombs,

    You stated that apparently Bradley Manning cannot do exercises (push ups and sit ups) in his cell, lest he be "forced to stop". As an initial act of resistance as well as for his own sanity, he should commence such exercises in his cell and let prison officials forcibly stop him.

    I think this is the least that can be done in his circumstance from the inside as a form of protest, in addition to the protests from people of conscience on the outside.



  23. Bradley..i do not have many hero's in my life only a few ..you are certainly one of those few !
    Jesus is my first hero ..my mother the second and you are my third !!!

    I will never forget you and i will try to do anything to help you !

    Mara O'Flynn

  24. Take the time in your confinement to reflect on the possible harm that you have inflicted on your Brothers in Arms and the Country under which you voluntarily served and its government.

  25. Dear Bradley, I am so sorry for the inhumane conditions you suffer as a political prisoner. Thank you for your thoughts of others even in this time when you are denied your basic human rights. You are wise beyond your years. We are grateful for you.

  26. From down Under in Australia- admiration, awe, respect...you are indeed a young warrior acting in the fullness of the Archetypal Warrior..you honour our collective human identity... God speed your courage and call often on the ArchAngels for company.

  27. This is so out of order! My thoughts are with Bradley as are the thoughts of so many people around the world- Bradley has so much support from all walks of life.
    We can only hope that Bradley will get the defence he so deserves.
    You are well supported here in the UK - Stay strong Bradley

  28. You will be in prison for a long time. Your crime was epic and therefore your punishment should follow suit.

  29. Bradley, I am thinking of you, continually, from way down under, and wish you safe and well with all my heart. I truly hope that sanity will prevail, soon, and you will be freed from persecution for telling the truth.

  30. Merry Christmas Bradley Manning! It is very touching that you are thinking of others even as the people who run the brig you're in keep you stuck in solitary confinement under conditions of torture. This is not right; it is intolerable and smells of pure fascism. Regardless of whether you leaked the documents or not, you are the hero of our time and will always be in our hearts for exposing the depths to which our government has sunk to. We on the outside will work for your freedom and exoneration. Stay strong!

  31. Brad we are out here fighting for you bro, your moral courage blows us away. Love and peace, brother.


  32. Dear Bradley
    I read a recent article quoting David House as to your conditions and your own well being.
    There is a great truth in your suffering.
    Your plight is proving that no government, not even one once held in such esteem as the United States, can be trusted when it comes to the human rights of its citizens.
    There has been a lot of talk of Wikileaks endangering lives through their actions. And yet you appear to be suffering tremendous abuses in your own country at the behest of your own democratically elected government.
    I am not a religious person and I cannot imagine myself in your situation. I will not offer trite advice. I believe time will honour you as it honours the truth.
    Many people are thinking of you. I wish you well.
    Yours sincerely,
    Tony Aldridge

  33. thx Bradley for all your effort! the world is going to be a better place :)

  34. Bradley out, Hillary in, now that would make happy Xmass for me

  35. The following are two suggestions for consideration by Pfc. Bradley Manning for his well-being.
    ONE: Introspection. Practice meditation daily as often as possible for as long as possible each time, even if only for 10 to 15 minutes twice a day. Meditation can be an antidote to psychological abuse. There are many meditation techniques, but in Private Manning's situation, he might find a breathing technique most beneficial. One easy and widely practiced breathing technique is sitting with eyes closed and *watching* the repetitive breathing cycle in four stages: (1) inhale, (2) gap, (3) exhale, (4) gap. The breathing will become slower, deeper in the belly, and totally silent. The silence indicates meditative breathing. One can *watch* (feel) at the tip of the nostrils or at the rising and falling of the lower belly.
    TWO: Mind over matter. For up to an hour every day, sit, close your eyes and vividly imagine doing physical calisthenics and a rigorous, boot-camp style obstacle course. It may seem improbable, but this technique can have the same effect as doing actual physical exercise, even to the point of perspiring. This in turn can improve sleep at night.
    We think of Brad daily and remember his courageous, humane example. Best wishes.

  36. Thank you for your kind and selfless words, Brad. Stay strong, soldier, and know that you're not only an inspiration to us, but we're working to cover your back! You are not alone in this fight, and we're all going to win it with you.

    The unfortunate challenge before you: your actions now represent more than your singular moment of courage when you chose to reveal the truth.

    You are a leader of a movement. Like so many great leaders of the past, an ordinary Joe thrown into extrordinary circumstances. It's the source of your power. You're one of us regular folks, who chose to stand up to right a wrong.

    Now we need you to feed on the power of positive energy we're all throwing in your direction, and feel the strength growing within you daily.

    They cannot break you.

    They will not break you.

    And together, we will change the world.

  37. Bradley I wish you a Merry Christmas.While we cannot know what you went through witnessing evidence of crimes and corruption, we are thankful that you had the courage to defend the US constitution - your first duty as a marine and a US citizen. You had no obligation or duty to defend the criminals that your actions have heroically uncovered.
    You have done your duty as an American and any who question that are clearly failing to see the reality.
    We will support you.
    It is preposterous that we cannot express our opinion freely without the wrath of the evil machine but there are a few spanners being thrown into the works of the evil machine and I have a feeling that it might just turn out alright.
    The Founders are standing beside you.

  38. From the mountains of North Carolina where the sky is crisp and clear, may this day be one of many blessings for you are not alone one moment. As you leave your thoughts behind and engage in the oneness we all are there with you. There is a warm ocean of blessings, love and friendship for you to bathe your soul. Merry Christmas and it is our wish that 2011 will bring us the full expression of your essence as a free man.


  39. Freedom is under attack and so are the American people.
    God bless you Mr. Manning.

  40. Dear Bradley

    Truth will prevail. Be strong. You are the leader of men.
    Greetings from India

  41. ADDENDUM to Anonymous, December 24, 2010, 4:37 PM:
    The two techniques of (1)Meditation and (2) Mental Exercise, are easier done while sitting comfortably upright and with the eyes closed. This may be problematic if closed eyes can be confused with prohibited sleep during the 5:00 AM to 8:00 PM no-sleep period. If so, then one can either keep the eyes wide open or half open, and look unfocused at any spot on the wall or on the floor. In both techniques, one does not force the breathing, but simply breathes naturally after taking a few deep, slow breaths to get started. In addition, both techniques can be done while laying down during the 8:00 PM to 5:00 PM sleep period when it is permissible to close the eyes.
    Remember, Pfc. Bradley Manning is innocent until proven guilty, pursuant to due process and the rule of law. But IF he did what he is ALLEGED to have done, then he is an unparalleled hero.
    I feel deep, heartfelt gratitude to Brad for being himself. Peace.

  42. Bradley is the brightest shining light at this time, giving hope to so many. Thank you!
    And thanks to his supporters and friends.Keep him happy.

  43. Merry Christmas Bradley. You have my gratitude and my support - you are a true hero. :)

  44. please let him know that many people around the world consider him a true hero. i'm just one of those people. and i'm in saudi arabia.

  45. Bradley,

    Merry Christmas from sunny Mexico!

    I wanted to leave a quote from Martin Luther King, Jr’s essay “Facing the Challenge of a New Age” that I think is appropriate:
    “Now the fact that this new age is emerging reveals something basic about the universe. It tells us something about the core and heartbeat of the cosmos. It reminds us that the universe is on the side of justice. It says to those who struggle for justice, “You do not struggle alone, but God struggles with you.” This belief that God is on the side of truth and justice comes down to us from the long tradition of our Christian faith. There is something at the very center of our faith which reminds us that Good Friday may occupy the throne for a day, but ultimately it must give way to the triumphant beat of the drums of Easter. Evil may so shape events that Caesar will occupy a palace and Christ a cross, but one day that same Christ will rise up and split history into A.D. and B.C., so that even the life of Caesar must be dated by His name. There is something in this universe that justifies Carlyle in saying: “No lie can live forever.” There is something in this universe which justifies William Cullen Bryant in saying: “Truth crushed to earth will rise again.” There is something in this universe that justifies James Russell Lowell in saying:

    Truth forever on the scaffold
    Wrong forever on the throne
    Yet that scaffold sways the future
    And behind the dim unknown stands God
    Within the shadows keeping watch above his own."
    God bless you Bradley, and my prayers and hopes not only for you, but for a better America are with you this Holiday Season.

    Glenn Stehle

  46. you're a hero kid...hang in there

  47. Merry Christmas Bradley,
    Thank you for everything you have done, and stay strong while you remain in captivity. Your legal team, and the world of support you now have behind you, are working hard to ensure you are freed soon. Best wishes!

  48. Thank you for freeing the truth.

  49. Bradley, thank you for finding the strength to do what no one in your position was willing to do.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are a true patriot.

    "Here in America we are descended in blood and in spirit from revolutionists and rebels — men and women who dare to dissent from accepted doctrine. As their heirs, may we never confuse honest dissent with disloyal subversion.”

    —Dwight D. Eisenhower

  50. Dear Brad, dear David,

    merry Christmas to both of you and your families. Thank you David for everything you're doing to help Bradley. I hope so much that the New Year will bring us some good news and that Bradley will be free one day. Thanks for changing our lives. You both are true heroes.

    Love from Germany.

  51. Thank you for being a hero and doing the right thing. I'm sorry that others aren't and don't.

  52. Thanks for doing the most patriotic thing anyone has done in the last century for our country. It is a shame what America has become.

  53. Bless you Bradley Manning. Your act has quite simply changed the world. May you be vindicated. May you be free and may you be reunited with your family and friends. You're a hero. There is no question. Stay strong. I will be thinking of you carefully. It's heartbreaking to know that we are so free while you are wallowing in a prison cell for the unspeakable crime of telling the truth. Bless you. I hope when you're free, you'll consider political office, because you're a real leader.

  54. Wishing the very troops that you betrayed a merry christmas and a safe holiday? Hypocrite. You broke the law, you knew the consequences, and you didn't even read everything you released.. you had no idea what was in those documents or what damage it could do to the very people you deployed with.

    You're delusional, kid.

  55. Thanks for the lovely message Brad. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you.

  56. I hope the new year brings you just treatment and freedom.

    A friend in Santa Cruz, CA.

  57. We are thinking about you and your heroic actions this Christmas Bradley. Stay strong. We will never forget what you've done for our freedoms.

  58. You are a hero. I feel I have a sacred debt with you, to also be brave and do my part to change this world. Hang on.

  59. Dear Bradley,

    Happy Winter Holidays to you in the context of whatever organized religion or spiritual path you choose to embrace. The force is with you. Your decision to treat your tormentors with courtesy and respect is exemplary. There are many folks around the world who see the deception and are sending positive energy on your behalf.

    Peace and Love,

    Frank U Farmer
    former Navy pilot from the Vietnam era

  60. Dear Bradley,

    I am a 21 year old woman, and I support you in your time of need and crisis. I know that you have not gone on trial or have been convicted of any wrongdoing in court. Although you need no reminded, you're being held unfairly and treated unjustly and I just want you to know that your peers support you, think about you, and care about you. No matter what the case, you have serious balls and I respect that. I'm vigorously following your case. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year- you're stronger than you know.

    L. Rattan

  61. Where is the freedom and where are the liberties that those terrorists supposedly hate soo much? Did you finally get rid of them to avoid any terrorist hassle? Clever ruse there, let the US become Taliban; one transgression at a time. In the end you won't even have to fight eachother.

  62. Dear Bradley, Try to keep your mind active with visualizations of happier times, dear people, and favorite places. You'll find that after a while it's easier to be where you are, if you replace the picture in your head
    Stay strong; many, many people are standing up for you, not only in the U.S. but all over the world.

  63. You have lit the lamp when so few have had the courage, conscience or will to.
    We will keep it burning. By this illumination You are changing the world.
    You have created and raised the standard...
    we will not let it down.
    Aj- Libertyville, Illinois

  64. Dear Bradley,

    Irrespective of the charges brought against you, the fact is that you are being detained because of the fact that people have had the courage to speak truth to power. Insist on all of your rights and fight like hell.

    Whenever anyone joins the military, that person swears to uphold and protect the Constitution. The people who should be in the brig are the neocons and all the others who chose to spit on the Constitution by supporting the illegal war in Iraq. Why aren't these traitors to the Constitution being forced to stand before the bar of justice to answer for their actions, for their treason? Because of their lies, and lies like those exposed by WikiLeaks, thousands of American military personnel were killed, many more wounded, and tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis were slaughtered.

    As Thoreau pointed out, jail is a natural place for a just man in an unjust society. Hundreds of thousands of people stand with you in solidarity. Speaking truth to power is the greatest act of patriotism possible. You hang tough, Brother.

    In Solidarity,

    Ron Richards
    Honorably Discharged Veteran
    USAF, 1976-1980

  65. our prayers are with you!

  66. Thank you, Bradley. You are an example to all of us, and I support you wholeheartedly.

    "It is not the critic who counts: not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes up short again and again, because there is no effort without error or shortcoming, but who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, who spends himself for a worthy cause; who, at the best, knows, in the end, the triumph of high achievement, and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat."

    -Theodore Roosevelt

  67. A free press requires accurate information. Wikileaks those who without asking provide the information which discloses information needed to make a reasoned and critical decision are to be held out as true patriots. I include in this Private Manning who is being held with out clear charges or at least charges made public. Good luck and a good year are my thoughts to Private Manning!

  68. Dear Bradley,

    i wish you all the best and hope that your life changes to a better state soon! Dont care what people tell you, you are a true HERO! god bless you!


  69. Well said Ron Richards. I will correct you on one point, where you say "Hundreds of thousands of people stand with you in solidarity" it should in fact say "Hundreds of millions (or even billions) of people stand with you in solidarity". That is the truth. The empire is in fact crashing down very quickly (look how long it took for the Roman empire to fall) and in the process it will become more and more wicked, terrifying, cruel and violent. Now is the time to stand up and defend truth and freedom against the dark forces.

    May God bless Bradley and Julian.

    Gothenburg, Sweden








  71. Courage Son...from one whom was also imprisioned, your name will be cleared, thoe whom oppose you are corrupt, their foundations are rotting, and some day soon they will fall. It is the way of things, it has always been the way of things.

  72. Dear army cout-martial defense specialist,
    Dear Mr. David E. Coombs,

    it is very kind to read through your blog with thoughts and warm wishes of such density. Thank you for making it possible to the world, to read those greetings stated by your client and to respond. I found a statement, written to you, and post it here, as I think that any actual relief may improve your clients health.

    "Bradley’s lawyer needs to redouble his efforts to get Bradley reevaluated with an outcome of dropping the POI. Outcries from the public are basically falling on deaf ears, because all detainees at Quantico get the same treatment – or at least that is the official line." by Dennis Leahy

    I wish you in your profession as a Lawyer all the strength, support, good arguments and what it takes for you to make a change. And I wish yourself and your family the best for 2011. As you stand on your clients side, you're a hero in this complicated time.

    Best regards, Elba

  73. I second Elba's quote (Anonymous Dec 30, 2010 6:17 AM)

    "Bradley’s lawyer needs to redouble his efforts to get Bradley reevaluated with an outcome of dropping the POI. Outcries from the public are basically falling on deaf ears, because all detainees at Quantico get the same treatment – or at least that is the official line." by Dennis Leahy

    David, You need to get the Army Staff Judge Advocate's Office to redouble their efforts to have the POI lifted as well. Do you know whom we can write to?

    As an aside, tho' I have no proof, I would not be surprised if the psych eval team resonsible for the POI is under immense pressure from the WH or the DOJ to keep it in place.

    I also urge that Bradley take up Tai Chi, which is a slow, graceful form of body movement. It's supposed to help with meditation. And if he's stretching and doing yoga, I suggest he continues with that, too. Anything to keep his body strong and his mind keen.

    Oh, I have some great news! Glenn Greenwald has basically called out Kevin Poulsen of Wired Magazine on their deceitfulness concerning the chat logs and not denying Adrian lamo's claims what Manning did with no backup from the published chat logs. After a terse protest on Wired's website and a two-part response by Greenwald, it looks like Kevin Poulsen and Evan Hansen just exposed Adrian Lamo as a liar concerning his claims. This is an immense help to Manning. IAOTO that the three of them should all be cross-examined. In Court.


    The chat logs are merely text files and have no chain of custody. Certainly it can be verified if they're fakes or not, if AOL or whoever hosted the chat, if any IM provider, keeps caches of them.

  74. Merry Christmas, Bradley - you're an exceptionally courageous man.

  75. Bradley,
    Let's hope next Christmas is a better one for you, and you get what you really deserve for helping improve the democracy and transparency of the United States Government in the long run--if, in fact, you did aid in releasing the wikileaks documents. If not, then I hope at least that you get to spend it outside of Quantico!
    Happy Holidays!

  76. Today I sent the following letter to President Obama (snail mail, maybe it will be more noticed than an email, which I've already done:

    "Dear President Obama,

    During the month of December, ever since Glenn Greenwald at Salon.com brought it to my attention, I have been imagining what his solitary confinement must feel like to Bradley Manning. As the mother of a 22-year-old son, I have also been imagining how his mother must feel. I have come to the conclusion that the solitary confinement, lack of exercise, and lack of sleep that Manning is experiencing is nothing less than torture.

    He is entitled to a speedy trial. He is entitled to participate in his own defense (without having been driven insane by the conditions under which he is being held.) He is entitled to be considered innocent until proven guilty. He has constitutional rights just like the rest of us. I cannot believe that one gives up all one’s rights upon enlisting in the military. I cannot believe that the Uniform Code of Military Justice supercedes the Constitution.

    Surely you too, being an empathic person, can imagine what Bradley Manning’s life has been like these last nearly eight months. I ask you as a parent, to think how you would feel if your child were being subjected to such treatment. Particulary when WE DON’T EVEN KNOW IF HE IS GUILTY OF THAT OF WHICH HE HAS BEEN ACCUSED!

    I donated to your presidential campaign, and voted for you with great hope in my heart. I cannot express to you how heartsick I feel now, how disappointed in you I feel that you have allowed this to occur. I have donated recently to WikiLeaks and to Manning’s defense fund. I will not be donating to your reelection campaign.

    Mary Lincoln
    Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts"

  77. Dear US American citizens,

    Copy the letter of Mrs. Lincoln above, and send it to your Presidents Office. Do so many times. Also to local Senators, Bankers, Industrial leaders, because they are the ones who rule. Print parts of it on postcards.(if you agree)

    A Foreigner who feels heartsick too, because, America has once been an international rolemodel and is no longer. Now all the governments are just afraid to be the next to be attacked.
    With Bradley Manning participating, healthy and happy with a good education, and job, and as an intellectual in journalism, there'd be a slight chance to restore all the international image.

    Work for his mental health.

    Peace & Equality

  78. His conditions of detention are sadly a norm now in United States.
    If you dare demand your constitutional rights, that's the means the state has to shut you up. The states will suggest incompetency, and you have lose all your rights.
    It's a back door way to be sure, but so prevalent because today, there is no longer a presumption of innocence, it's a presumption of guilt.

  79. Bradley, thank you for the role you played in making public the fatal, illegal, and immoral deceptions that we learned of through the diplomatic cables and video released by wikileaks. I appreciate your bravery and concern for your country, its legitimacy and reputation. Keep your hope up, and God bless!

  80. I would like to know if there is anyway to find out if anybody has filed a suit on behalf of Bradley Manning against the US government before the Inter American Commission for Human Rights or the Inter American Court for Human Rights.




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