02 February 2011

Clarification Regarding PFC Manning's Citizenship

There has been some discussion regarding PFC Bradley Manning's citizenship.  PFC Manning does not hold a British passport, nor does he consider himself a British citizen.  He is an American, and is proud to be serving in the United States Army.  His current confinement conditions are troubling to many both here in the United States and abroad.  This concern, however, is not a citizenship issue.  Instead, it is one involving a basic fundamental right not to be unlawfully punished prior to trial.  PFC Manning is not being held like any other detainee at Quantico.  He is in Maximum Custody and under Prevention of Injury watch over the repeated recommendation of brig forensic psychiatrists.  There has been no stated justification for PFC Manning's confinement conditions.  It is the hope of the defense that through the various inquiries into the arbitrary nature of his confinement status, he will soon receive relief from these onerous conditions.


  1. If the response of the agency (DoD) is to exact revenge when inquiries are made into the conditions under which Manning is held, then it strikes me that these decisions could be challenged in a District Court as arbitrary and capricious actions of the agency, even such as to shock the conscience; maybe also look outside of dlegation of power to agency as well.

  2. David,
    Surly UK citizenship is not a matter of whether one "holds a UK passport", or even if one "considers" oneself to be a UK citizen.
    It is a legal matter of birthright?

  3. Nothing new? You can't achieve anything David no matter how hard you may try, right?

    The DoD has a scapegoat and they seem to be determinded to wear him down instead of charging the guys who actually pulled the trigger when there was absolutely NO NEED to do so. What the guys in the helicopter did is called WAR CRIMES. Strange that these guys get away with it while Manning (IF he actually stole that video), who has a conscience and obviously knows what's right and wrong, is being held in prison under conditions that are torture. The only thing I wonder is, how can Americans still say they are proud to be an American after all. I know, I were ashamed of being an American. I also wonder how can Bradley Manning be still proud to be serving in the U.S. Army when they treat him like shit, his superiors covering up everything, knowing the guys who actually pulled the trigger getting away with it??? Great system. Seems he will learn it the hard way that he won't be able to change anything 'cos that is not wanted by those who have the power.

    I also wonder, where are all the people who find his current confinement conditions troubling. I don't hear them. One only hears those who think even the death penalty would be way too human/mild for him which makes me think what the hell is wrong with those guys. Unfreaking believable!

    Nonetheless, I DO hope that you can achieve something for Bradley. He deserves it and he certainly needs you. If it were up to me, I would certainly prosecute those guys who actually pulled the trigger (incl all those who tried to cover it up) and would send them for a very very long time in prison (max sentence)!!! As for the guy who stole the material, the minimum sentence that is mandatory under the ... "law" is more than enough. At least that guy (whoever it was) has a high moral ground! There should be way more like that guy!!!


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