02 March 2011

Additional Charges

Over the past few weeks, the defense has been preparing for the possiblity of additional charges in this case.  The decision to prefer charges is an individual one by PFC Manning's commander.  The nature of the charges and the number of specifications under each reflects his determination, in consultation with his Staff Judge Advocate's office, of the possible offenses in this case.  Ultimately, the Article 32 Investigating Officer will determine which, if any, of these additional charges and specifications should be referred to a court-martial.  


  1. I heard erlier on the radio they the US Government has thrown twentysomething additional charges at Bradley, including the Article 104 Charge of 'Treason'. Telling that it waited until Hosni Mubarak was finally evicted from power.

    It is obvious.

    The people of Tunisia are the Enemy.

    The people of Egypt are the Enemy.

    The people of Bahrain are the Enemy.

    The people of Libya are the Enemy. (I thought Gaddaffi was an Enemy!)

    The poor and middle classes of Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, et al, are the Enemy.

    In short, ALL HUMANITY is the Enemy.

    Which means the United States Government is the Enemy of All Humanity.

    But Revolution is not possible with the US Government either intact or extinct.

    Maybe the Tea Party Republicans will refuse to raise the limit on the government debt and cause a default thereupon, bankrupting the government and disabling the Military-Industrial Complex immediately. (Sigh) It looks like they're our only hope.

  2. I never thought I would live to see the day when personal freedoms would be lost so easily Bradley Manning's treatment is shocking

  3. Can PFC Manning receive mail and if so how does one go about sending it?


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