01 March 2011

Manning Case Update

The Rule for Courts-Martial (R.C.M.) 706 board is continuing its work.  The board is anticipated to take another two to six weeks.  After the board has concluded, the convening authority will direct the Article 32 investigating officer to set a date to begin his inquiry.  The Article 32 will likely begin some time in either late May or early June 2011. 


  1. Looks like they dissected one act and then contorted it into any possible connotation of an offense yielding a multiplicity of identical charges. It's insane and a legal absurdity.

    If Manning took classified information available to him in his military function, transferred it to his personal computer equipment, then published it to disclose to the public that information, how can one get 30+ charges from that? It is one crime in reality, if it is a crime at all. He disclosed information that should be, by right, not only permitted but in fact, constitutionally required.

    I find any officer/subject of the United States has an obligation to report Crimes committed by his superiors.

  2. Obama is a decent president and as such should act in favor of Manning, a hero who needs a medal and not an emprionnement.


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