15 March 2011

Visitor and Correspondence List for Bradley Manning

Our office has received many inquires regarding how someone may get on the approved mailing and visitors list for PFC Manning.  The Quantico Brig requires PFC Manning to submit an official request form in order to add or remove a person from his approved visitor and correspondence list.

If PFC Manning submits a request to add a person to his approved visitor and correspondence list, the Brig will conduct a background check on the requested person.  After completing its review, the Brig with either approve or disapprove PFC Manning's request.  Under the Brig's rules, PFC Manning is not allowed to add a journalist on his visitor or correspondence list.

If you know PFC Manning and would like to be added to his visitor and correspondence list, the Manning family has created an email account for facilitating the process.  Each week, a member of PFC Manning's family will review the submitted requests.  The family member will then take these requests to PFC Manning for his decision.

You may write to the Manning family at bmanningvisits@gmail.com in order to request to be added to the visitor and correspondence list or just to pass on your words of support and encouragement.


  1. I think it is shocking the way Bradley Manning is being treated and a very large black mark on the judicial system of the armed services and the United States. Also shocking that President Obama is not more concerned about the treatment of a citizen who has not even had a day in court to defend himself.

  2. If I discovered disturbing information, I too would want to share it. I've often felt that secrets prevent people from getting along. Everyone deserves to know the truth.
    Even though I don't know you, I cried to hear they've mistreated you.
    You should have been discharged from military, but not a prisoner.
    I continue to pray for your safety and hope you will free some day.

  3. It is a great pity that there is no recognised market in hypocrisy because if there was the United States would be able to pay of its debts very quickly. Hypocrisy is the biggest export of the West led by the USA.

    If Bradley Manning released the video of the gunning down of Reuters journalists and civilians in Baghdad he was only doing his duty as a man and a soldier. That said he is a very brave young man.

  4. I just wrote PFC Manning a letter of support! If you're reading this and you agree that his treatment is completely unacceptable, you should too!

    This strategy has worked for the bulwarks of the human rights movement for years: send thousands and thousands of little bits of peace, solidarity, and human compassion.

    These three things are all we have to protect in times of hardship and warfare, so please take 5 minutes to write Brad a little note.

    (PS. To Lt. Cnl. Coombs, thanks for letting me plug my bit of strategy on your website!)

  5. Could he add Rep. Kucinich to the list?

  6. Why can't he add a journalist to his list? Everything about his detainment reeks of law breaking and cover up.

  7. I support every citizens right to a trial by his peers with opportunity to cross examine the eye witnesses and testimonials against him, the right to counsel, and the assumed innocence until proven guilty in a court of law. I do not believe in ill treatment of someone as being guilty until a court has made that decision. This is what our
    Constitution guarantees all American citizens. THis is the Constitution that all American soldiers have fought for and some have died for this. I will not show disrespect for the fallen soldiers and the soldiers who have served and come back home by not supporting the Constitution. Whoever has power to change the ill treatment of Bradley Manning should get on it now otherwise they are no friend of any AMerican soldier who has served.

  8. I first drafted this on occasion of the 100th anniversary of the adoption of the Model 1911, semi-auto, .45 Auto, Colt pistol by the U.S.A.

    I want to correct the misnomer uttered by one P.J. Crowley on your news broadcast of 29 Mar. ’11.

    The private citizen stated in error that PFC Bradley Manning had violated his oath of office by allegedly releasing the sheaf of classified U.S. documents.

    I believe from earlier accounts, Manning has brought to the attention of his superiors the belief that possible crimes were being perpetrated by service members and civilian officials. By accounts he was told that it was none of his business or to ignore it and get back to work or what he was doing.

    First, he believed that he was witnessing crimes in progress or in the past. Though the purported documents were classified, they represented or demonstrated crimes committed by certain individuals implicated therein. I don’t believe that his sworn oath mentions the words UCMJ or even classified documents in addition to upholding and defending the U.S. Constitution from all enemies foreign or domestic.

    There is nothing in his oath to keep secret any crime(s) committed but to uphold the law of the land notwithstanding classified documents.

    Second, there is a well established principle of law called the Nuremburg Doctrine where a combatant or any individual must refuse to obey an unlawful order. I believe Manning may have felt that he could not cover-up crimes committed or what he believed to be crimes.

    Second, he is obligated to turn over information of crimes which he attempted to and being rejected he allegedly turned them over to a whistle blowing entity, Wikileaks. That is called and he attempted to comply under misprision of felony. T18 U.S.C. § 4.

    I know that this is obscene, but these is my comments.

  9. Lt Col. Coombs,
    Thank you for so ably representing Pvt. 1st Class Manning, and for helping facilitate his departure from the hellish conditions at Quantico. Also, many of us very much appreciate the updates... despite DoD & State Dept.'s assertions to the contrary, Bradley Manning is a patriot of the highest order, and it was awful to learn of his mistreatment at the hands of the authorities.


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