12 January 2012

Defense Deposition Request

Earlier today, the defense filed a deposition request with the government. A deposition is the out-of-court testimony of a witness under oath in response to questions by the defense. The defense requested deposition is needed due to these witnesses being improperly denied at the Article 32 hearing.


  1. The public interest in prosecuting this case is trumped by the fact that the information released was material the US government had no business concealing from the American people. How the US government conducts its affairs in the name of its citizens is the definition of public interest. I found the content of the material released to be incredible, including reports that the secretary of state encouraged and ordered spying on UN ambassadors, that the US government lobbied other governments on behalf of VISA and Mastercard and evidence of the Hollywood style executions and cover-ups of the mass murder of Iraqi citizens to name just three. Shedding light on the shocking way that the US government conducts diplomacy by intimidation, underhand and dishonest means in contravention of international law reaffirms to us that the government is rotten to the core. I applaud Bradley Manning and consider him a courageous man, someone that has restored my faith in the US military. He is a national and international hero, yet his treatment has been a disgrace.

  2. Either they (DoD) are fools, or they think we are. I simply don't believe that a DoD network didn't have better security than my library and included so many State Department communications. Was there a "Glass Box" security program on that network? Why not? I'm guessing Pvt. Manning (Dreyfus) had been identified much sooner than anyone will admit.
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