26 March 2012

Confinement Location

I have had several inquires regarding the current confinement conditions and location for PFC Manning. PFC Manning will be confined at Fort Leavenworth until the next Article 39 hearing. He is doing well and wishes to thank his supporters for their continued interest in his case.

To avoid switching the mailing address every few weeks, mail should continue to be sent to him at the unit address:

HHC USAG Attn: PFC Manning
239 Sheridan Ave, Bldg 417
JBM-HH, VA 22211

All mail sent to this address will be routed to PFC Manning.


  1. Thank you for the address.

    I am especially grateful for your report on his well-being. Please let him know how much we care.

    Have you verified that the supportive mail gets delivered to him?
    Thank you for all you do for Bradley!

  2. Yes, I have verified that PFC Manning receives any mail that is sent to him.


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