23 May 2012

Additional Military Defense Counsel for PFC Manning

I am pleased to announce that MAJ Thomas F. Hurley has joined the Defense team.  PFC Manning personally requested that MAJ Hurley be assigned as one of his two detailed military counsel.  MAJ Hurley was originally detailed to PFC Manning's case in 2010, but was removed once he was assigned to represent SSG Robert Bales.  MAJ Hurley is a skilled and experienced trial lawyer, and I am happy to have him along with CPT Joshua Tooman on the Defense team. 


  1. It looks promising, but there can be little doubt that this is a political trial and the political will is to prosecute so they will probably wriggle.

    There is no way that Brad is going to get out this side of the election because the voters do not in general support the actions that he is accused of taking.

    I am no Obama fan, but I suppose being 7000 miles away in li'l ol' England it doesn't matter too much from apart from the fact that if he gets his second term it will give him a little more wriggling room and he might let Brad out.

    So I will grit my teeth and shout come on U S of A and vote Obama back in.

    Nice photo in the last post btw. Please send Brad my best wishes, I have wrote to him several times and while I know that some of my early letters got through, of late I don't think anything has.

  2. A question for Mr. Coombs: Can you tell us the date PFC Manning's DA photo was taken? Was it on 4-26-2012, which appears in the name of the file, or is that the date it was obtained by the Defense and the photo was taken on an earlier date? Would you mind clarifying that to let people know when the photo was taken? Thanks!


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