24 June 2012

Additional Motion for June 25th Hearing

The Defense received authorization to publish the following motion:  Addendum #2 to Defense Motion to Compel Discovery #2: Requests for Witnesses.

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  1. Thank you very much for this informative blog with articles and important facts to help explain what is going on "behind the behind," so to speak.
    The resistance to discovery, abuse of discovery, and "spoliation with prejudice" by the U.S. government prosecutors against PFC Manning are being well documented in the trial-court record by David Coombs, lead attorney for PFC Manning. That factual evidential record will be available for Mr. Coombs to eventually at the right time demand sanctions by the Court (Judge Lind presiding) against the prosecution. The most severe sanction appropriate in the present case may be dismissal of all charges against PFC Manning, based on the UCMJ rules and case law.
    Whether such sanctions are the maximum severity or less, they will expose the U.S. military "kangaroo court" proceedings in which the principles of law and justice (rule of law, due process of law, due process of discovery of evidence, fairness) are consciously disregarded and perverted.
    PFC Manning is fortunate to have such an admirable, skilled, talented, creative, resourceful, persistence, intelligent, knowledgeable legal team.
    Thanks and gratitude to Mr. Coombs and the legal defense team for their thoroughness and hard work to make this possible.


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