12 June 2012

Supporting Bradley Manning

Over the past two years, thousands of individuals have either donated to the defense fund or given freely of their time to support PFC Bradley Manning.  The support provided has come in many forms:

     1)  Signing petitions (standwithbrad.org);
     2)  Standing up to say "I am Bradley Manning" (iam.bradleymanning.org);
     3)  Writing to military/government authorities;
     4)  Writing letters to the editors of local and national newspapers;
     5)  Attending marches, rallies, and other public events to raise awareness about Bradley Manning;
     6)  Using social media to write about the case and the events of every hearing;
     7)  Contacting government representatives;
     8)  Sending messages of support to my law office;
     9)  Donating to the legal defense fund; or
   10)  Volunteering with the Bradley Manning Support Network and Courage to Resist.

At every court hearing, I am given the opportunity to witness this support first hand.  The attendance by supporters during these hearings as been nothing short of inspiring.  Although my client is not permitted to engage those in attendance, he aware of your presence and support.   

During our latest hearing on 6 - 8 June, I was particularly struck by the warmth of support by those in attendance.  At one point during a break, I had causally mentioned that it was my anniversary.  Apparently a supporter had overheard this statement, and took up a collection to give flowers, a balloon, and a thoughtful card to me and my wife.  This kind gesture is emblematic of the type of people who are supporting Brad. 

I would like to publicly thank all those who have supported my client over the past two years.  I also want to pass on the following message from Brad:  "I am very grateful for your support and humbled by your ongoing efforts."  Brad also asked me to specifically thank on his behalf the unflinching support of Courage to Resist and the Bradley Manning Support Network. 

What happens in this court-martial is of vital importance to all of us.  With your continued support, we will ensure that justice is achieved for Brad. 


  1. Thank you for what you do. Please tell Brad that he is a true hero.

  2. Inspiring! Thank you Bradley and thank you David Coombs!

  3. The United States has always prided itself publically on its committment to democracy, freedom and respect for human rights. It's time that the United States also acted on those principles and allowed Bradley Manning to live those principles out without persecution and with the full freedom to live a life of his choice, in accordance with the principles of the US Constitution and the ideals espoused by those who, like Dwight Eisenauer, warned against the dangers posed by the military industrial complex.

  4. My thoughts are with you all involved, Mr Manning you are a hero!

  5. yay ... i was hoping he knows the extant of the support around the world for what he did

  6. Well, WE have to thank YOU for what you do for Brad! Also, great to know that Brad knows he's not alone! Thanks a lot and good luck and stamina for the looooong and unfortunately unbalanced battle!!!

  7. thank you from belgium. ms

  8. You guys are doing a great job. I hope Mr. Manning will be a free man soon.
    All the best from Germany!

  9. & Thank YOU and your team for doing such an amazing job at the hearings and preparing the defense motions!!

  10. I am glad that Brad has expressed his opinions and that I am a bit more confident that people are not putting words in to his mouth which is what has appeared to be happening for some time.

  11. greetz from Venlo, the Netherlands . Keep it up, please and greets to Bradley...

  12. all of my best wishes to you and bradley manning!
    i hope so much that everything is going to work out for you and that bradley will be a free man again soon. the world can´t let anything else happen, and i know it won´t.
    count on my support!
    i wish i had millions to give!!
    anybody who has, do it!
    tell brad he´s not alone, the world loves him for what he did! keeping my fingers crossed for you! best wishes from germany!

  13. Bradley Manning is the Daniel Ellsberg of the Iraq war. He is doing for America what Ellsberg did to inform the American public of the lies of the Vietnam war. Our government needs to be exposed for the dastardly deeds it constantly commits. I see Daniel Ellsberg as that rare American hero who stood up to a rotten system, just as Colonel Billy Mitchell after World War 1 when the navy was more concerned about its share of pentagon funding than it was in admitting that airplanes could sink battle ships, and Billy Mitchell had to disobey orders and go the press to force the navy to show a demonstration, which succeeded in sinking a battle ship. One member of the court martial panel voted to acquit Billy Mitchell - Douglas A. MacArthur, first in his class at West Point.


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