12 July 2012

Additional Defense Motion

The Defense has received authorization to publish the following motion: Defense Response to Government Motion for Modification of Protective Order

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  1. "prosecutors continue to take widely unreasonable litigation positions, at a certain point, they can no longer be trusted."

    Some would argue this is a default position among prosecutors everywhere :)

    It's clear from your communication that the government is seeking to limit Mr Manning's constitutional rights. As an outsider (Australian) and a law student who is following the case it's concerning given its status. It's actually also confusing. Viewing such blatant frustration and denial of basic rights of discovery undermines the very principles these prosecutors claim to be defending.

    If it's incompetence, it's negligent and Mr Manning deserves to have the charges thrown out.

    If it's deliberate, the same applies.

    Luke M (Melbourne, Australia)


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