27 July 2012

Unlawful Pretrial Punishment Motion

Earlier today, the Defense filed its 110-page Article 13 motion.  The Defense is requesting the Court to dismiss all charges with prejudice owing to the illegal pretrial punishment PFC Manning was subjected to in violation of Article 13, UCMJ and the Fifth and Eighth Amendments to the United States Constitution. 

The motion was originally scheduled to be argued on 27 through 31 August 2012.  However, the motion was delayed due to the Defense just receiving additional information that impacts the Article 13 issue.  The new information will require additional witnesses to be called and for the Defense to file a supplement to its motion.  The rescheduled dates for the unlawful pretrial punishment motion will be 1 through 5 October 2012. 

The Defense has received authorization to release the following two filings regarding the Article 13 motion:

1)  Defense Requested Witnesses:  Article 13 Motion; and
2)  Defense Motion to Compel Production of Witnesses and Evidence for Article 13 Motion.

As soon as the Defense receives authorization, it will post its Article 13 motion and its supplemental motion.


  1. Thanks for ensuring that PFC Manning's rights are represented. He, like every other member of the human race, should have the absolute right to a fair trial. The military has asked our young people to go to war for causes of freedom and democracy in other countries. The irony of those rights being denied to them in their own country is absolutely unacceptable.

  2. Salute to you for insuring everyone, especially soldiers, get a fair trial...

  3. The Marines at Quantico sadistically harassed Manning constantly, with the confidence that their superiors would look the other way. Only when public outcry shamed some govt elites did it stop and he was moved to Leavenworth. Thank you for making the case to force the court to admit that Manning's pre-trial treatment involved torture.

  4. Motion will be ignored but trial issues will not be ignored. Good luck. He did the right thing.


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