27 August 2012

Defense Motion for August 28-30

The Defense has received authorization to publish the following motion: Defense Motion to Compel Quantico Emails.


  1. Thank you for defending Bradley Manning.

    I wish you ultimate success in having him freed.

    As a lay human rights activist I find the Court system - especially the Military justice system abhorrent.

    It appears to me to be essentially unjust and an abuse of process that the Government can delay the handing over of discovery documents - which they have been ordered to hand over to you - until two days before the hearing of your motion. It is also manifestly unjust that several e-mails that should have been part of your legally obtained and binding discovery order have been withheld by the Government.

    They have obviously been caught out by your thoroughness. They are trying to stall, to delay, to pervert the course of fair play and ordinary justice.

    The delays cost money, test patience to the limit, and increase the health problems of Bradley Manning. The old legal adage of "Justice delayed is Justice denied" is contemptuously discarded by the Government lawyers.

    I hope the flawed intervention of President Obama in this case will be regarded as contempt of court and that it will be sufficient reason to have the case thrown out.

    After all, he publicly stated that Bradley Manning had committed a crime - a matter that a military court is now purportedly trying to establish. A pre-judgement by the person holding the highest office in the land - who is also Chief of Staff of the military who comprise the court - this should, in fairness, be enough to quash the case against Bradley Manning.

    Please, please succeed. On your success will depend the fate of many other cases not just in the USA but throughout the world. In many of these, the defences, some of whom are lay litigants, do not have the resources to fight the red tape and chicanery that have so far been evident in this high profile drama that has a world audience.

    Best wishes to you, Bradley and Julian Assange.

    Up with whistleblowers!

  2. Solidarity with you throughout the trial. Good luck from Ireland


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