27 September 2012

Defense's Speedy Trial Motion

On 19 September 2012, the Defense filed its Motion to Dismiss All Charges and Specifications With Prejudice for Lack of a Speedy Trial.

PFC Manning has been in pretrial confinement since 29 May 2010. As of the date of the filing of this motion, PFC Manning had been in pretrial confinement for 845 days. To put this amount of time into perspecive, it took only 410 days to construct the Empire State Building.   By the time the Government actually brings PFC Manning to trial in February of 2013 (983 days after he was placed into pretrial confinement), the Empire State Building could have been constructed almost three times over.

On 29 October 2012, the Defense will argue that the military judge should dismiss this case with prejudice due to the Government's abject failure to honor PFC Manning's fundamental speedy trial rights.


  1. Case won't be dismissed or does anyone think the judge will ruin her "career". That also means that Bradley Manning will be found guilty (same reason), the question is just whether he will get 50 years or 75+ years. Both is equal death penalty, though!

    Wish he would get a fair trial in the so-called "land of the free" lol but unfortunately that is just wishful thinking...

    Nonetheless, thanks a lot for all you do for him!!!

  2. David....I believe that what you are doing, by representing Bradley like this, is of astronomically immense service to this country and to its Constitution in letter and spirit...but I also know that the whole obscene pseudojudicial burlesque of a military show trial is going to be all uphill terrain for you and its going to be Hamburger Hill for Bradley not only because of the pandemic of sheer clinical sociopathy rampant in this country's public offices and corporate boardrooms but because of the worse than loathsome suicidal stupidity and spinelessness of the people of this now palsied nation in general----what I call the Moron Majority. I wish you and Pfc Manning all the best of luck in this universe but given what this country has lapsed into, you will need that and a good bit more.

  3. Obama became president amidst great fanfare as this promising young man with a progressive outlook on the USA's role in the 21st century.
    He has not only shown himself to be as bad as his predecessor, in many respects he has shown himself to be even worse, and this has manifested itself in cases such as Bradley Manning's and also his government's responses in relation to Julian Assange.
    One has to hope that if Obama obtains a second term as president - and even he has to be better than Romney - he will hopefully understand that his behaviour will have to change in his ongoing persecution of Bradley Manning.
    We hope you have some success on 29 October, one week before the presidential election!


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