03 January 2013

Defense Reply - Defense Motion to Dismiss for Lack of a Speedy Trial

The Defense has received authorization to publish the following motion: Defense Reply to Government Response to Defense Motion to Dismiss for Lack of a Speedy Trial, dated October 17, 2012.


  1. How can we help Bradley Manning!!!

  2. Nobody can help him. :-( Sad but true!

  3. Thank you David Coombs for all you do.

    The history books will reflect what people around the world are coming to know, the more they learn about this: that you are doing good work and defending a good man in a time when few will defend the good.

  4. Wow, that's a helluva reply brief you've written there, LTC. I'm on page 35 and my blood is boiling; I've already read of the judge's ruling on this reply.

    I wonder if anyone has filed a complaint against MAJ Fein with the Bar Associations that he is on. Fein should be disbarred. I wonder if anyone has filed a police report; he committed perjury. I can't; I don't know Fein's full name and I guess you can't give it to me. I wonder who could -someone who isn't as busy as you surely are.

    (I question if the Bar would do anything. There was an attorney, Luke Weiger who represented a corporate client in small claims court (where such representation is illegal). So, I filed a complaint with the California Bar Association, and they did nothing, claiming he had not done so, even though he had gone so far as to rudely interrupt me as I spoke to the court (while, at the court's request, and court was in session, I was reading aloud a brief section of statute) and made a legal argument to the judge as to why a clause of the statute I was reading (CA CC 1798.80 et. seq.) didn't apply.)

    Where is Bradley Manning's 35-page statement? I guess you're not allowed to post it?

    P.S. typos: "Manning as placed", "right had did". (It's fine if you edit my post, e.g. to remove this line and/or the parenthetical paragraph.


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