04 March 2013

PFC Manning's Written Statement in Support of his Guilty Plea

Our office is in the process of obtaining approval to release the statement PFC Manning read to the Court in support of his providence inquiry on 28 February 2013.  As with every Defense filing, the statement will be reviewed and redacted prior to publication.  An alternative transcription of PFC Manning's statement is currently available from journalist Alexa O'Brien and also at the Bradley Manning Support Network

On 28 February 2013, the Military Judge accepted PFC Manning's plea of guilty to certain lesser included offenses, which carry a maximum sentence of twenty years of confinement.  Through his plea of guilty, PFC Manning has accepted responsibility for his actions of releasing information to Wikileaks. 

PFC Manning did not plead guilty pursuant to a "plea bargain" or "plea deal" with the Government.  Despite his plea, the Government has indicated it will prosecute PFC Manning on the remaining charges.  The Defense will vigorously contest these charges at trial, which is currently scheduled to begin on 3 June 2013.


  1. The POTUS should pardon Pfc. Bradley Manning NOW !

    1. I agree. Bradley exemplifies the kind of character and sense of justice that we have been taught to expect from people who serve in our military. The commanders, who made the decisions that resulted in the actions of soldiers out in the field, should be the ones on trial.

      Our President should also stop changing the rules of transparency as he goes along here. No one can feel justice is going to be served when the playing field is constantly shifting.

  2. David

    I hope that you ARE as brave, if not more brave, than Major Michael Mori!

  3. This Manning guy reminds me of that old John Brown, yall remember him? Guy freed all the slaves in Virginia in 1859 but then he had to laugh. It was all a big misunderstanding.

    There were no slaves in Virginia in 1859. They hung John Brown for treason anyway. Tough but fair.

    Manning's going to learn something similar about the worth of "the people" that make up the government of sociopaths, for sociopaths, by sociopaths.

  4. If the government,only concentrates,their efforts in this case on prosecution.They will end up,looking like persecutors.Reputationally,their best case scenario,is to make a deal.Remember we are aware of all the legal,moral and ethical lapses,that were in the leaks.We know something went wrong,we want to see who admits responsibility,and who is held accountable.We don't want to see justice,that doesn't seem free and fair,being applied .This case has a lot to offer,reputation wise,if the government owns up to its portion of the blame.Truth and reconciliation seems to be the better choice.No one is above the law,not even those that have the right to classify.

  5. Truth is an obligation that builds trust; government withholding the truth/lying to citizens is a major cause of discontent in our society; Manning is a hero.


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