09 July 2013

Defense Motions to Dismiss

The following motions have been approved for public release:

1)  Defense Motion For Directed Verdict on 18 U.S.C. Section 641 Offense

2)  Defense Motion For Directed Verdict on Article 104 Offense

3)  Defense Motion For Directed Verdict on 18 U.S.C. Section 1030 Offense

4)  Defense Motion For Directed Verdict on GAL Offense


  1. Just wishing you the best over Bradley Manning case remember his mother is Welsh so he's half a British subject, and should be protected as such, in my opinion. I believe wholly that Bradley wanted to put an end to this vile war and the leaks were done with the best intentions to effect this and stop the unnecesary torture of innocent people. You only have to look at the effect of a bomb blast on civilian casualties to see why war is wrong and at best to be avoided at all costs. Susan Landauer said that Iraq did not want to enter into a war. And she was the USA assett to Iraq. So how can this war be justified? America took it's hand off the United Nations table and is guilty of not protecting the peace.

  2. Mr. Coombs, thank you for your spirited defense of a true American hero, one who, in my opinion, would be a valid, legitimate candidate for consideration of the Nobel Peace Prize. Bradley Manning has been well represented by you and your team. Peace to you and to Bradley.


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