25 July 2013

Defense Renewed Motion for Mistrial

The Defense has filed a renewed motion for a mistrial on all of the 18 U.S.C. Section 641 offenses.  This motion argues that the Defense was not on notice that when the Government charged that PFC Manning stole or converted certain "databases" this really meant that he stole or converted "records" or "information."  The Defense believes that allowing the Government to now prove and value original records and information will cause irreparable prejudice to the Defense.  Accordingly, in the interest of justice, these charges must be dismissed. 


  1. Best to all of you for your efforts on behalf of liberty

  2. Keep fighting - keep your chin up - tell Mr. Manning he isn't alone, there are thousands across the world who stand next to him although we all know he suffers for all of us. We all owe him so much for being so brave and to you his counsel for giving it everything you have!! Tell him he stands as an example to all - that he is a hero to many

  3. When the law,allows the prosecution,to add charges.We know they running scared.Welldone,Mr Coombs and partners,no matter the outcome,you did great.Bradley has shown the light,this journey has started,and will be written about for decades.Bradley did the only moral thing,and no one can defend ,finding him guilty .


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