29 October 2013

Turning to Lipo to Avoid a Chapter 18

According to a recent story by Associated Press, more and more soldiers are turning to liposuction in order to avoid being kicked out of the Army. The increase in soldiers seeking the drastic remedy of surgery is undoubtedly related to the increase of Chapter 18 separations by the Army.  In 2008, the number of soldiers that were kicked out of the Army for being overweight was 168.  By 2012, that number had skyrocketed to 1,815.

Soldiers who exceed the body fat standards usually cannot re-enlist, are not eligible for promotion, are not allowed to attend professional military schools, are not permitted to hold leadership positions, and often are recommended for elimination.  If you are facing a Chapter 18 for being overweight, you should arm yourself with knowledge and legal assistance.

Just because a soldier fails to meet the body fat standards this does not mean that the soldier is unfit.  We all know of someone who is built like a tank who regularly fails to meet the body fat standards.  Unfortunately, the Army's tape test does not account for muscle, it just accounts for size.  Until the Army elects to change the weight tables to take into account muscular builds, some soldiers will sadly have to resort to drastic remedies.

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