22 May 2014

2013 DOD Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office Annual Report

The 2013 report has some very interesting statistics for those who practice military justice, and have been watching the ongoing debates in Congress on sexual assault in the military.  The report determined that 495 of the 3,769 unrestricted reports ended in an unfounded determination (a 15% rate of  unfounded reporting).  Of the 484 courts-martial that involved a qualifying sexual assault offense in 2013, there were 114 acquittals.  In 173 of the remaining cases the accused was acquitted of the sexual offense charge, but convicted of another offense.  Given the focus on sexual assault in the military over the last year it will be interesting to see if these statistic change dramatically in 2014.

14 May 2014

Statement Re: Chelsea Manning's Potential Transfer to Federal Prison

I learned for the first time this morning that the Pentagon is considering transferring Chelsea to the Federal Bureau of Prisons.  This news comes via a leak of information to the AP and is the only information we have heard regarding Chelsea's medical treatment in 10 months.  Attached is a statement responding to this potential development.  Additionally, the Palm Center Report referenced in the statement can be found here.