10 July 2015

Army Dismisses Charges in HIV Case

The ArmyTimes reports that all charges against COL Jeffrey Pounding have been dismissed.  COL Pounding was, among other charges, accused of knowingly exposing a woman to HIV through unprotected sex.  The charges were dismissed based upon the advice of the Staff Judge Advocate due to newly discovered evidence in the case, and changes to military law based upon a recent appellate opinion.

09 July 2015

Interesting CAAF Jurisdiction Case

CAAF decided a very interesting jurisdiction case this month.  The Court held that the appellant was validly discharged on the effective date of his self-executing discharge orders.  As such, he was not subject to trial by court-martial.  The NIMJ Blog - CAAFLOG provides an excellent analysis of the opinion here.

Updates to the Manual for Courts-Martial

The Joint Service Committee published notice of its changes to the discussion section of the Manual for Courts-Martial yesterday.  In addition to the discussion section changes, the notice also addresses changes to the analysis section of the military rules of evidence and the punitive articles.